3 John

History of the Book of Third John

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The shortest Book in the Bible is called an Epistle because it is a letter that John wrote. There are two other letters John wrote which are First John and Second John. In Greek this Epistle is called the "Ioannou gamma" or "Ioannou G", which translates the "third of John". It has only 14 verses, but within it there are a lot of key points to help the Christian reader learn what true fellowship with other believers (whether in our local Christian Church or from other Christian Churches) is. 

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John wrote this letter while in Ephesus to a man named Gaius who lived in Asia. The name Gaius was common in the Roman Empire. In fact, you will find other Gaius' mentioned in the New Testament such as the Gaius that traveled with Paul from Macedonia in Acts 19:29,the Gaius of Derbe in Acts 20:4,and the Gaius that hosted Paul and got baptized by Paul in Corinth in Romans 16:23 and 1Corinthians 1:14.

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In this letter, John encourages Gaius to keep strong in the faith and to love and receive other Christians that come to do God's work. He writes about the problem the church is having with a man named Diotrephes, who is not doing the will of God. This letter teaches Christians how to receive fellow believers and not to be blinded by the one's, such as Diotrephes, in a church that are not loving God's people as we are called to do.


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